Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Christmastime 2009

The cousins all together. They don't see each other often but when they do they are like brothers and sisters. One big happy family.

Keyanna, Kailey (grandnieces) & Danny- he is a ham!

Keyshaun (grandnephew) Keyanna, Danny & Alexzandria

#1 grandson Kenneth, during school play, his class did China. All the students in the grade school had different countries in which they learned how they celebrated Christmas and other interesting facts. Yep he is as tall as me now!

Alexzandria, grand niece

Alizabeth(grand niece) & Daniel they are 6 months apart in age she is older, we always take pics of them together to see who is bigger- I think he always will be, it's in his genes! His dad is 6'4" hers was about 5'7"

Michelle with Snickers & Elizabeth with Sadie, my girls! oops granddaughters


Sandee said...

How cute they all are to boot. Such fun. The holidays are indeed a stressful time, but a wonderful time with family. Glad to see you made the most of it.

Have a terrific day. :)

Shoebee said...

Didn't Alizabeth even have heels in that pic??? Also, isn't it spelled Kayley? Picky, I know

Carver said...

What an adorable group of children. Great shots!

Virginia Gal said...

oh boy I don't envy these kids parents - all are going to be lookers in high school - they will have to stave off the boyfriends and girlfriends with a stick!

Patty said...

Nice bunch of grandkids. Also nice they all get along so well. We only have five, the two oldest 26 (boy) and 27 (girl) live in Fl, the 17 year old (boy)lives about 30 miles south of us, the nine granddaughter lives with us and also her Mother. And our 10 year old grandson lives about 30 miles north of us. So when we have a get together, there's only three of them.

secret agent woman said...

Great crop of grandbabies you got there!

Sandy said...

I love Cousins post. I so enjoy it when all the little cousins get together too.

And those cousins in your photos are all so adorable.