Thursday, February 18, 2010

no NO NO!

Yes a pretty sky in my neck of the woods

No, No thanks, I said no, what part of no don't you understand?CLICK

I have had two real annoying calls today! you know the type, the ones who don't take no for an answer. How do these folk do it? call people over and over and are told no, sometimes not even politely, but down right aggressively! Is the money that good or do they need that paycheck that badly!

I really try and be polite, but after several attempts at saying no I get aggravated! I don't usually berate, I simply hang up on them. At one time I would play with them for a bit to try and get them to thinking I might get their offer, but I have grown out of that.

Today I told em I wasn't feeling well and had a headache and had just taken medicine, and I would not be able to make any decisions today. He came back, I am not trying to make you make a decision, I am ONLY asking you send us $99 to upgrade your membership(which has relapsed by the way). O well, thanks but no thanks CLICK!

I have even gone as far as telling them I was dyslexic and they would have to explain everything to me backwards- did that dissuade this fellow! by no means- he started doing his spiel backwards!

Then I found out a friend was dyslexic and thought that mean.

I haven't had a house phone for awhile, and decided maybe I needed one since I have a handicapped daughter, but you wouldn't believe the calls I've received. I even got one the other day in which the entire one sided conversation was in Spanish- I decided that was def a wrong number!

I will continue to try and be polite, BUT it's a hard task sometimes!


Sandee said...

Put yourself on the 'do not call' list. We did and rarely get a call. You can also ask them on the phone to put you on the do not call list when they bother you. If they call you back they pay you.

National Do Not Call Registry

It couldn't hurt. :)

Carver said...

That's a beautiful sky. I agree with Sandee about the no call list. I'm on that too. It is so annoying when they won't take no for an answer. At that point I hang up.

Sandy said...

We're on the Do Not Call list but they still get through sometimes. So irritating, yes!

Patty said...

You need caller ID, when I see a number I don't know, I let the answering machine take it. Do like Sandee said.

secret agent woman said...

I don't think politeness is required for persistent phone sales people.

mommanator said...

i went to the site, hopefully it works. I agree Incognito, but I guess I can't help myself teehee

ramblingwoods said...

I was going to say that we registered on the do not call for house and cell and we don't get any calls like that anymore. Beautiful sky. Thank you for your lovely comment about my birthday.. You are very sweet....Michelle

Virginia Gal said...

It is hard when you try to be nice and they just won't take a "No" for the answer. aye!