Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here I am in wonderful retirement/Maryland thinking about the wonderful party that was held for my retirement. I don't have enough words to say thank you to all who worked hard on it. Plus all those who took time out of their workday to attend!

I was ushered into a room full of co-workers who were bellowing because somehow the time of the event didn't coincide with their bellies, so I got up and said " go ahead and eat and make merriment I have a speech later-all prepared". Wow did I know how to quiet a room! A speech-she has a speech? Even the exec was puzzled and said to one of my friends- she must wait till I say what I have to say. Humm let them be tortured- I told em to tell her I was going first!, but then laughed and said not to worry, I will say what I have to say before all is done!
The room was all decked out- New Officeland III was where it was held. I didn't want to go out to a rented place- I just didn't want folks to spend a whole bunch of money on me. Even folks from Officeland II came. It was catered by my co-workers, what a nice variety of foods, AND the deserts OMG one was better than the next. I tried to taste just about everything, but the old stomach couldn't hold it, my eyes were popping! The main cake was adorned in red roses with white frosting-was an unbelievable strawberry shortcake-only the best baker in South Jersey! Then there were 2 trifles-both homemade- one a raspberry liquor drenched brownie and chocolate, the other a strawberry & cream one, then there was a fresh fruit bowl, 2 other cakes from the same bakery-a canola one and a chocolate raspberry cream delight. Then other sundry cookies and cakes. I don't even think I can repeat what all the foodstuffs were, needless to say I don't think anyone went away hungry! If they did it was their own fault! There wasn't much stuff left over though.
The room was decorated with such ambiance! every table was adorned with pink tablecloths, and pansies. The head table also had a lovely Gerber daisy- unusual colored. Plus a good friend picked a bouquet of flowers from her garden which contained daffodils, Narcissus, tulips( in a variety of colors) and the wonderful lilacs which smelled marvelous. O did I mention the flower decorations were part of my gift YEH. Now I just need time to plant em, hopefully my hubby will keep them watered till I get home on Friday-not to worry he has told me it has rained every day since I left.
After eating I was toasted by some of my great co-workers and friends! I was embarrassed by some of the things that were said. Some folks I didn't think I had impressed too much even had nice things to say. Afterward one of them came up to me and said "I don't know you too well & by what was said about you and the speech you gave it looks like it was my loss" color me red with embarrassment!
The final statement by me was NO CRYING will be done here for my departing I am Not dieing, just moving onto another season of life, so lets have laughter and joy! I have worked in some capacity since I was 14 so it is time to kick off a little, enjoy my grand kids and family and enjoy what I have worked all these years for. Since 60 is the new 40 I have lots of years to do just that! Lucky me!
I was given many lovely gifts. Money, jewelry, an angel, a book written by a coworker, an angel and a plaque.
Thanks to all!
Then was the final farewell, I was ushered to my car by some of the greatest people in the world, my best friends at work and anywhere! I love them. Kisses and blessings to them! they think I am their mom! I hope they all keep in touch, but if I know them like I think I do they will!


Zelda Parker said...

We all miss you, J and I wandered the halls aimlessly w/o ya! Glad you enjoyed your party. Your gals all blamed me for making them cry?

pissed off patricia said...

Sounds to me like you're a very special person. Give yourself a hug for me.

Now, start having lots of fun! :)

Virginia Gal said...

oh Mommanator, it was your party that Pax was referring to in his blog??

Wow - congrad's on the retirement, now go out and have a blast, you deserve it!

joey b said...

So very sorry I missed your big shindig, I heard wonderful things. Nothing but the best for your retirement. Send best wishes to the rest of the fam.

mommanator said...

Thanks folks
Joey-I thought you walked off the face of the world!

Pax Romano said...


Your new job as CEO of Pax Romano Inc starts on Monday!


Joe Tornatore said...

Enjoy retirement. You deserve it. The halls of DCA still resonate your caring and one, one I say, personal private conversation between us.