Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gardening & fair skin

Well should I say the curse of fair skin. Went out to work on my garden again, bought some roses and just had to put them in, however had to prepare the ground, it took about 2 hours to do that. In the meantime I am collecting the sun on my shoulders and neck. I am now a bright hue of red in those same places. When will I learn to use spf 30?? My skin doctor always says use sunscreen if you are gonna be out in the sun. I went out after 3pm, but had spent the am yard saleing with the hubby( he loves it).
I guess I do need some color before I go to Florida in June?? OO and the Colorado sun (that's next week)always turns me bright red- closer to the sun ya know! So do I suffer now or later, probably both.
Tomorrow out in the sun again planting the dahlias and peonies! I am just a glutton for punishment. Guess I am just too set in my ways to learn some of the lessons in life- use sunscreen!


Virginia Gal said...

In India having that sensitive skin would be a prize posession, it would indicate you are fair, and being fair is above all - equated with being beautiful (which I know you are).

pissed off patricia said...

Where in Florida are you going in June? I live down here on the east coast but will be vacationing in June on the west coast, Sanibel/Captiva island.

Yep, both Mr Pop and I got some sun this weekend, but not burned. My poor plants are suffering from lack of water. We can only run our sprinkler system two days a week and that's just not enough for some of our flowers, forget about the herbs etc. It's so sad to watch them die.

Joe Tornatore said...

the down side of being well red.

mommanator said...

Thanks Va Gal
POP-am going to Tampa area- called Tarpon Springs. Leaving June 15th and returning on the 23rd. I know where Sanibel is, wanted to treck there one time, but never made it yet, hear it's georgous
JT- puns become you

pissed off patricia said...

I went to high school in Tampa as did Mr Pop. We will be in Sanibel the same week you'll be in Tarpon Springs. I haven't been to Tarpon Springs for a long time. I love the smell of the sponges. I used to always buy one when I went there because the smell reminded me of the smell of salt water.

Have a great time and don't stuff yourself on Greek salads. :)

Zelda Parker said...

Oh where, oh where has the mominator gone? Oh where oh where can she be this week? As long as you're having fun, live it up!

Zelda Parker said...

I've always wanted to go to Cptiva/Sanibel I hear its nice. Any comments?