Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just a short post am still getting over the move to Florida and the return to up north.

While driving back to MD from NJ, when Daniel saw the snow said-"when I get home I am gonna play out in the snow till the sun goes down". I had another idea since the thermometer read 20! FUNNY ONE DAY IN 70 DEGREE WEATHER AND THINKING OF SWIMMING AND 20 DEGREES THE NEXT.

What a blessing to see the kiddos all reunited- you can see the love they share! They got Danny a cake to welcome him home and he even had to have candles and them sing to him!

While driving around looking at the snow and ice, Daniel said " the ice is iceolating isn't it?" Can anyone explain that to me, but it sounded cute. Daughter said she thought it meant it was isolating.

This am he came to me and said "grandma can you get the quarter out of my underwear?' I looked all over and in and out of the undies and I couldn't find it. He laughed at me and stuck his hand in the little "pocket" boys undies have in them and pulled out three quarters- A new form of piggy bank I think!


Virginia Gal said...

Can't wait to hear how Florida was!

Random Kath said...

Yes, want to hear about Florida! And Daniel sounds very clever :-)