Friday, January 25, 2008

Safety Harbor Florida

My hubby and I purchased a home in an over 55 community the first part of January. We are planning on being snow birds for awhile. My youngest grandson is still not in school. He doesn't start kinder garden till next September. Where he goes is only a half day program. We had promised our youngest daughter we would help her out till he is in school full time with child care. Sure ties us down, but guess we will be doing.

I absolutely love the place. It has been completely renovated, just so the lady who owned could sell it. It is a single story double wide. It has three bedrooms, 2 complete baths, a dining room, kitchen & living room. It also has a storage shed/workroom for the hubby and a screened in lanai. Burber carpet throughout except in Bathrooms & kitchen/dining room-which has linoleum & pergo. All new appliances! AND COMPLETELY PAID FOR!

Our eldest daughter who is handicapped is moving with us. She quit her job and flew the coop too. It should be great for her as they have swimming pool, community activities, hot tub, miniature golf, fishing lake. Just they pool alone will be quite advantageous for her as she loves swimming and is quite good therapy as well. We will put job hunting on hold for awhile as she needs a break! LOL. My hubby also has problems with arthritis so the weather and pool/hot tub good for him.
Safety Harbor is a small community on Tampa Bay West side. Is is pretty close to Tampa/Clearwater/St Pete. We probably will take in some spring training of the Phillie's as #1 daughter is a Phillie Fanatic if ya ever saw one. She acts like she knows the players one & all. Stats, families, just everything about em. She is fun to watch a game with she yells and hollers and ya feel like you are actually at the game.

Well we moved some stuff, to get started with from our place in NJ. #1 daughter & I went by plane and Hubby & #4 grandson took the ole U-HAUL. God bless my hubby, I don't think I would have ventured with the four old on a trip with a U-haul so many miles! But in retrospect he said he was very good. It took them 2 days and they stayed overnight in a hotel somewhere in S.C. Knowing my hubby they prob would have made it in one day, but moving all the stuff into the truck wore him out!

We stayed with my good friend in Palm Harbor while we moved the stuff in. Thank God we have her & her family! Her place is a whole 4 1/2 miles from our place! Moving the stuff in was FUN! Packing/unpacking again! Especially with a four old a foot! I think I am getting good at this ole moving stuff now! Doesn't make it any easier though. Hope this will be the last move we make, except when we sell the house in NJ and get rid of those things.

I had to come on back to NJ and Hubby & #1 dau are planning on staying there until May sometime. I am gonna plan to go down monthly more or less.
So that's the move and I wonder why I am tired this week!


Kate said...

It sounds wonderful! I hope you all enjoy it, and enjoy the warmth and the pool and the time together. Sorry you're not able to be there full-time yet, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait, and I know you'll cherish the time with your grandson in the meantime.

Zelda Parker said...

Florida-sound good!
Phillies Camp -sounds great!
Friends further away- not!
best wishes,

mommanator said...

Humm Kate-grandchildren there are 4 of them!

Zelda-who ever said friends can't hitch a ride sometime and visit and give their ideas on decorating and such!

Armelle said...

People should read this.