Wednesday, February 20, 2008

24 hours

The last 24 hours has been jammed!

The kiddos waked me yest am yelling "Mommy hurt her leg", I come downstairs to find out she has dropped a frozen chichen on it! O My

To top it off I really didn't want to get up as my throat was killing me, I didn't sleep in my bed and didn't have my C-PAP!

After delivering the children to school (we have to drive them every day
back & forth as is private school & no busses)!

I looked on the computer for what had happened during the night; Castro resigned!, the Pres & wife are in Africa, oil prices are going up AGAIN!, the satellite shootdown is postponed(I am flying on Sunday-I hope it doesn't affect the flight, a young collegiate couple are missing-Providence& NJ, another hurricaine hit the south, the biggest frog in the world was found, AND we prob will miss the lunar eclipse due to snow.

After school we all decided to go to the doc! EEK 4 children to sit in a waiting room! Daughter had the foresite to take their homework with them. Her foot is not broken, but I have strept throat and needed an antibiotic- so we had to then go to pharmacy. My perscription card had a glitch, but the pharmacist squared it away so I could have the meds for the $9.00 fee instead of the real med price. After 2 pills I am feeling somewhat better,BUT not 100%

Then they had to have dinner, baths & bed!

This morn-another 2 doc visits- the 4yr old & 9yr old have sore throats. And daughter is feeling it too. They are all clear thank God.
On the way back it started to snow! and that's my 24hrs- how about you!


Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness Mommnator - I hope you feel better soon!!

Molly Malone said...

yowsers! you sound beset!
don't worry about that silly satellite. i think i read that they shot it down today and it'll fall in the pacific.
i'll pray for you, nonetheless. sounds like you could use a little respite!

Anonymous said...

That's why she is going to try and get to Fl for the week, if she can make it out of MD before the ice storm.

Pax Romano said...

Jeez, Momma, you'd better slow down...maybe you should join me for my Southern California Vacation in May! We could be a couple of real Hollywood tourists! On second thought, we'd probably get arrested for breaking into Antonio's house! ;)

Kate said...

I really hope you're getting to feeling better! Been thinking about you...