Saturday, February 16, 2008

grandchildren diddies

Was in NJ last week and had a phone call every day from my youngest grandchild-When are coming home granny! Even had a voice mail from him. Right now he is rubbing my back-he said he has been waiting to do that-yum feels good!

There are candy wrappings all around the house-had valentines day here for sure!

My granddaughters presented me with 2 bouquets of flowers and big smiles across their faces-look what we got for you granny! One with roses and the other with gerber daisies-what a nice surprise-can't do candy! even my daughter remembered my advent fastings, actually she remembers it better than me at times.

Daughter made homemade chicken noodle soup-I felt was good and tasty, the kiddos --some liked some didn't. it had too much chicken in it-go figure.

Despite the age difference in the boys-they get along quite well, now they are doing video games together-they take turns and no-one has to tell them! You should see them when they decide to run around the house and chase each other-EEK you should hear the noise.

The oldest twin has taken to making stuff for me out of her aluminium foil from lunch every day. I make a fuss over it and she gets a great big smile. Actually she is quite artistic! So far I have a horse head, a pencil holder, a duck, a manta ray and a fish. I am just hoping I don't get food poisoning from them being on my wall! The cat has taken at least one of them down.

It's Sat am and we have our last basketball game today. Not till 3:45pm don't know why so late-owell, just grin and bear it!


Virginia Gal said...

you know what makes me laugh is the picture of your cat taking down one of the foil art. The cat doesn't see art, it sees a toy. Too cute.

Molly Malone said...

a manta ray? that's pretty cool!

i gave up candy for lent, too. ... but i cheated a bit on V-day. didn't want to insult Honey.

mommanator said...

I am saving my candy till after lent, thats hard!