Thursday, February 07, 2008


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Storm Damage Across the South
"Many had spent a harrowing Tuesday night punctuated by breaking glass and warning sirens as the tornadoes tossed trailer homes into the air, collapsed the roof of a Sears store in Memphis, whittled away half a Caterpillar plant near Oxford, Miss., and shredded dorms at Union University in Jackson, Tenn., where crews rescued nine students trapped in the rubble."
'New York Post'

My heart goes out to all involved in these tornado's! Holy cow how many were there in one day! Was it 68 or something like that? And 50 dead so far! As in my post "As Winter Wind Blows" -I don't like the strong wind very much. It gives me an eeire, creepy feeling! Makes my insides crawl! The wind is blowing here in MD today, but not the force it blew in those southern states!

I can't even imagine what these folk felt! or are now going through. I do pray they have great family and friends to turn to in this time!


Virginia Gal said...

I read about it over here in Denmark and it was so sad - I think what really struck me was that most of these people sounded on the lower or middle income level. My heart always breaks at the idea of these people, living their lives, day to day and than this happens, just shredding them.

I too pray for them and that a support network reaches out.

Zelda Parker said...

Its been banging pretty hard here as well. A twelve foot branch fell from the old tree out back and I was thankfull it missed the red maple planted underneath and the fence bordering my sue happy neighbor.....Thank God!