Saturday, July 05, 2008

tidbits for Saturday

Let not thy will roar, when thy power can but whisper.
Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654 - 1734), Gnomologia, 1732

I need to think on this quote today!

went to a thrift shop the other day with Danny(the five yr old) he saw and grabbed an American flag and started singing "hail to the chief" Granny can I have this flag? sure, well he went to the cashier singing all the while, saying how much for this flag? she said any kid that can hum hail to the chief at your age can have it! he placed this postage stamp size flag in my front yard for all the world to see. I gave him a bigger flag yesterday and he had to put it on the house. Patriotism is alive and well in the next generation!

went to dinner with #1 dau last eve. we went to a patriotic place 'Red Lobster'. teehee. at least the lobster is red. I had the most delicious thing I have ever eaten I think. Talipia with macadamia nuts toasted with coconut and with a hint of white chocolate sauce. I would never have thought to put those things together, but I am telling ya it made my mouth drool!

dau #2 and I have been a bit crazy! we have been cleaning, not just the ordinary type of cleaning. We cleaned out her garage-you can actually put stuff in it now. we also, cleaned 1/4 to 1/3 of her barn out of my stuff. only took 2 days and lots of sweat. ya see the time is coming to a close to when I will be going to Fla permanently and we just have to sell off some of my treasures. It is so hard to think of all one accumulates over 30 years living in one house. We only really took essentials to Fla. You should see the memories we left behind, but we are making new memories and all it is, is stuff! I even had 'stuff' from my mom's we collected after she died, and haven't had the inclination to get rid of. we laughed and cried over some of the stuff!

I'll be driving back to NJ today- yeah another trip up I95- one just has to go with the flow over that!

Dau # 2 is brushing her hair right now. She has quite a bit of it, thick ,lustrous & wavy-shoulder length- then ties it up with a scrungy thing-hum why have it long then? so it can be put in a bun or french braid or the like? when she was young she had straight pure white blond hair, now its a brown/golden color and a little grey showing through. Her hair is truly like my sister-in-laws. She is a a true mix of her heritage. She has many attributes of my family especially my mom, but I can see so much of Jim's in her.

Serena just fell into the Venus trap again at Wimbledon
A Safe holiday weekend to everyone- enjoy your family & friends and joy in the fact that you can be an American and all the freedoms it can supply.


Molly Malone said...

are you sure RED lobster is all that patriotic? might have to turn you over to the house unamerican activities committee. ;)
sorting through memories is always bittersweet. life moves so quickly.
drive safely!

Kate said...

It is always so hard to let go of objects with huge sentimental value. I have a good friend who lost all her belongings in a fire, and she said it was like having herself erased from her own life. We so often use these things to remind us of who we are. But how wonderful to have the chance to relive some of your memories with your daughter.

Virginia Gal said...

I love Red Lobster!! And the dish you had sounds mouth watering!!

Your story about your grandson brought to mind something I had always wanted to test, how many kids know the national anthem? Over the Brady Bunch theme song? Wonder what the numbers would be, no?

Good luck on 95!