Saturday, July 12, 2008

early am Saturday tidbits

Either I've been missing something or nothing has been going on.
Karen Elizabeth Gordon

It's 12:10am, just drove back to Maryland where I have computer access. It's quite unbelievable to be without TV, Computer, Radio for a week! So I am really taking advantage of the computer because I will be driving back to NJ tomorrow AAAH I 95 again!

The news cast started off this eve by a naked person, two on the top of a bus and one killed, and more mayhem in good ole US of A. I can see I haven't really missed that much. I really don't read the news or look at tv news. I have this line of thinking- If it is really important some one will definitely tell me or I will see the sky falling. Makes life so much simpler.

I do miss the noise the TV or radio make though. I keep telling my daughters I am on a silent retreat. Now if I could have the time to really enjoy it! Don't get me wrong the house was definitely NOT quiet by any exaggeration of the human mind. Both daughters and the 4 grandchildren were there! nuff said?

Daughter #2 decided we needed to paint the living room, hallway & foyer! She decided it should be white ceiling & walls to the chair rail, chair rail very light grey and the remainder of the wall grey. Throughout the painting I closed my eyes and blinked several times, all I could see were purplish walls! However when all is said and done it looks pretty nice. I didn't do too much of it, so the credit goes to her. I kept laundry and cleaning done for all of us. Those kiddos can sure dirty clothes! not really dirty, BUT swimming in the pool and the towels O MY!

I miss the hubby, but will soon be able to return to Florida. To stay I hope! And the house will sell and I will wait for the next shoe to drop/ catastrophe appear. Do I sound doomsdayish!? not really, just a realist!

Granddaughter #2 is under the weather this eve, puking. Both her mother and her lovely grandmother have decided although both nurses "don't do puke" ! She hasn't really bothered us, but we feel we must check her periodically.

Just a comment on the "gas crisis". I would never have known it travelling today on I 95! Parts of it were bumper to bumper! Luckily more going north than south. Aah yes and gas is slowly creeping down in NJ. paid $3.84 per gallon today just before going over the bridge. Hope that continues to drop. Going up and down NJ to Md is costing me a bundle!
O yes and the other day while getting dau #1 from the airport- going I 270 a twelve lane or so highway, it was bumper to bumper in both directions, then The beltway around DC just ridiculous.

If any of ya get the chance go over to - it is just a wonderful story of an aide trip he just went on in the US.

Just one more idle thought- I have spell checked this thing once already and really thought I could spell better-am I getting old or something like that!?

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Anonymous said...

I find myself usually switching off the TV as soon as my kids are out of the house. I love the "silent retreat" feel!