Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well ya have to get started by getting all the stuff on the front yard! EEK- do we really have all that stuff to get rid of! Yes, Mommanator and there is more that you don't have the strength to get out. I sorted stuff I had just thrown into boxes to get down here- to go through!
Folks are pulling up to look, don't they know we aren't selling until tomorrow? Hey if they buy something who will stop em, just less to sell tomorrow! The kiddos want to know who will stay up all night and watch no-one steals all the stuff. We laughingly said you will-no you will and then tell the kiddos -"if someone needs it bad enough to steal it let em have it"

Prayer for a good sale and also for No rain to spoil the event!

EEK the first customer is here! it's what time? 7:30 am, but I am not dressed and I haven't had my coffee. owell throw something on, they might want to buy something!

Change, who thought to get change-I'll go out! No I'll go out and get it, and coffee and doughnuts and and! OK go and get it- I can watch the 5 kiddos and do the yard sale I guess! Just don't take all day!

O we made our first sale- she really bought that-I never thought that would sell! "One persons trash-another's treasure!"

So how long did we say we were gonna have this sale anyhow? we didn't decide did we. Some folk around here close at 12 noon, some @ three! Hey I put all that stuff out and am waiting at least till dusk to start putting away! Besides we are gonna sell all and won't have to put anything away!

About 1/2 way through a Spanish guy and his son stopped by- they were the only two all day that tried getting a lower price. In broken English we managed to have a great time with these two! They ended up being our best customers of the day. Poppa was very funny, joking with us about the children and trying to get lower prices, sitting on the front steps. Mommanator was even called "El LO CA"! Humm- little ole me!? He bought an air conditioner- which he really needed for his breathing! We even gave him a bottle of water- I was afraid at one point he would have a heart attack or stroke right there on the steps! He bought one of the girls' skirts- I said it was too little for him- he laughed and said was for his country El Salvador- I gave him a couple of other things to send there! He smiled a great big toothless smile that would light up the world- you just couldn't NOT like this character- out of a movie you saw as a kid!

I have to go get # 1 son's football outfit- sure while WE are having a yard sale! go-on and don't take all day. I'll take some of the kids- NO they didn't want to leave granny?

Lunch what's for lunch! the kiddos are starving! Hot dogs yes hot dogs- OOPS not enough and need rolls! I'll go this time- You know I hate yard sales don't ya! I also purchased the most delicious grapes- they were cold and wonderful to put into mouth and pop the juices with just enough crispness! and cookies of course!

Grandson #2 found an old hatchet that was my dad's - Mom I want to cut some thing down-Ok go cut that tree down- it's only 15 feet tall Huckleberry tree-that will keep him busy for awhile! He will loose interest in no time- customers stopped by and watched him- he is quite determined isn't he-maybe he will be president one day!, it's good to see boys be boys! Mom offered $10 and a trip to Jimmie Cones if he completed it! 2 hours later the tree was on the ground, money was in hand and the trip to Jimmie Cones planned- Many pictures were taken- I just can't believe he stuck with it for so long- stopped only for a short rest and water. Maybe he will be president one day LOL
Grandson #1 modelled his uniform & tried his cleats, helmet and cup! He needs to get used to these things!
OO I am getting tired and hot-let's go for a swim in the pool! Ah yes, let the yard sale run itself! NO your sister is here -she can manage it- Yeah she counts money better than me. O the pool glorious pool! the kids were in heaven! and so were the grown ups! who plans a yard sale for the hottest weekend this year-YES US!

The sun starts to dip- we must clean up! some things were put into boxes to take to a local Salvation Army- some were put on front as Free! $200 hundred for the day and all that work! Now what shall we spend it on!? Most of the stuff mine that was sold! AH yes-dinner! and a trip to get school supplies- what better to spend it on! Maybe it's a good thing to have a yard for school supplies! Yes all agreed!

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.
e e cummings (1894 - 1962)

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Kate said...

Sounds like quite a day. Well done on getting stuff sold.

I know I've said it before, but I just love reading about your family. They just seems so lovely.