Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.
Nelson Mandela (1918 - ), 'A Long Walk to Freedom'

Last week dau#2 and I made changes to our home in NJ(mostly she did). She changed the plumbing, faucets, did a bunch of caulking in the bathroom, fixed the water softener system. Not much seems too daunting to her except climbing on the roof to clean the gutters. I thought once she got up there and a bit used to it it would be ok, but no. She kept telling me I would have to call the fire company to get her down. I was able to get her down with coaxing. She refused to do the ones out front, but finally did with the ladder and a cutter cleaner tool.

I waxed all the hard wood floors- humm they look nice now. We had other things planned but time didn't allow.

We went to Atlantic City for an hour and let the boys play on the beach till we had to go to a christening. Of course we had to go get new clothes cause they got WET! We also went to a local park over the weekend for a picnic. They also waded in the water there. It's a place called Weymouth Furnace, where they made munitions for the Revolutionary War. A river runs through it where canoeing can be done. You aren't supposed to swim there, but! Can ya keep a 5 & 9 yr old out of the water on a hot summer day in New Jersey?

Next weekend will mark my 40th nursing school graduation. We will be having a reunion at one of the gals homes. Talk about change! 4o years of nursing has definitely made change! Yet somehow we still get together after all these years! We are more like sisters than school mates.

Then the end of the month I will make the final change to a Florida resident. We haven't sold the house in NJ, but time marches on and I need to be with my hubby. I will driving I95 south till I hit Safety Harbor! Time everflowing......

OO almost forgot, got a call today and the other guys insurance is gonna pay for my vehicle to be fixed! yeah!


Anonymous said...

She forgets to mention that her house is really high off the ground, and it is really scary up there. I felt that it was better for me to do the gutters with her there, then for grannie jax to clean the gutters with no one there. I can be a good daughter, even if she is leaving me and the babies for Flordia :(

Zelda Parker said...

Cleaning an polishing should help alot. Did you ever paint the living room? I still have my office to finish. There is always something. Gutters are next for me. Gar-an-tee that this sister is not climbing a ladder.....Did you ever go for tea?
I too plan to be finished by months end. I received a bill from the lawyer that was as much as the retainer I gave them. It's surreal. I may have to look for a second job?

Anonymous said...

Yea, the living room was painted in 2 days. Another weekend that I can up I decided that it needed to be painted to get rid of that green. Now it's gray and white. (Looks better than it sounds)