Sunday, August 31, 2008

Traveling the Highways & Byways

So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I left the grandkids & Dau#2 crying in the driveway as:
I started out the driving trip to Florida with great aplomb only to have it vanquished about a football field away from Dau #2 home! EEK the trailer fell off the Pacifica, in the rain of course! It was 7am so much traffic was seen going by, rubber necking! The trash guys actually stopped to help, but alas! the trailer was under the Pacifica a little and would damage the bumper if they pulled it out or I drive the Pacifica forward.

I have to call hubby to call dau #2 as she recently changed her phone number and I hadn't either remembered it or put in my cell phone!

She came quite quickly to rescue mom in her dilemma! She is quite smart and figured it out effortlessly. Lift the car with a jack and roll the trailer back where it should be! O yes, easy! HAHA, the trailer is filled to the max! but of course she did it!

I was off again in less than 30 minutes. My thought was to just leave the @!#& thing, but she had other thoughts. SO off! next thing was the traffic! Have ya ever travelled on 270?? It's a twelve lane road going to & from DC or Va! AND it was FULL. I travelled about 5-10 mph the entire route! Is it 12 or 15 miles long?

So then onto 495 to Va to get myself to Richmond airport to pick up my friend coming from Fla to ride with me to Fla (now that's a friend!) Did I tell ya it was raining? well when I got to Va it decided to deluge the highway!

Well I was almost 30 min late picking my friend up- luckily she is a good sport. By cell phone we tried to find one another. Expecting Richmond airport being big with post signs for airlines. I found myself confused! There were no signs! She was at one end and I was at the other.

So far on the trip I thought I was in a very bad nightmare! BUT! the trip turned out to be a great time of laughter, joking, eating & shopping. The first night we went to a motel that was housing the entire 120 rooms over the weekend to the "Warlocks". They motorcycles arrived all night long!

We took an extra day of travel just to shop! We arrived here in Florida just 3 days later Safely!
Labor Day weekend!

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