Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Nicolle

I said I wasn't going to comment on the death of the beauty, however I guess I have to throw something in there.

Why did she die? How did she die?
My daughter and I have come up with a theory that we haven't heard on the news.
Could she have been trying to detox herself?
After all she had a new baby, a death of a loved son, the law suit, men trying to be the father of the baby and the list goes on!
She may have been trying to detox herself and went "cold turkey" which is real dangerous to the body. Can cause some of the symptoms she was reported to exhibit before her death. Yes it can cause cardiac symptoms, dysrythmias and sudden death!-she had no drugs in the stomach.
I guess we will never know, but it is another thought to throw in the mix.


Joe Tornatore said...

She died of gravity. the whole world pushing down on her without the right support systems or the ability to help herself. Brittany Spears should attend Anna's funeral as part of a scared straight program.

Merci said...

Wow, Joe's comment is really insightful. I've felt that way, but I don't have the addiction to weaken the foundation, and I DO have true friends to turn to.

It's just so sad.