Wednesday, February 21, 2007

that sky

went outside a few minutes ago just to get something out of my car
looked up and to my amazement saw a beautiful sky,
all decked out in the most brilliant stars I have seen in a long time

have I not been looking or were they just brighter?
isn't it supposed to rain or something tomorrow?
I must be mistaken, I thought I heard the news right!

were they put there especially for me to see this night?
it made me think of things like when I was a child,
when dad would say-now there's the big dipper and the little one too
do you see the seven sisters and Venus too in that southern sky.

Made me realise that parents teach us so many things,
those little insignificant things that we share with others,
like when I told one of my exchange students -look there's
venus-see the one which is shining so bright in the southern sky,
and he argued one can't see the planets with the naked eye
and I was happy to show him the news paper article the next day
"you can see Venus in the sky these nights-look to the southern sky if in NJ"

or when I took another exchange student out in the night
and she looked with amazement to the sky
and said-the sky is so beautiful-I never see the sky at night before
I wondered why her parents had let her come all the way from Japan
but she had never seen the sky at night before.

So I thank you God for sending me out on this night
just to look up at that beautiful sky to remember things
ever so insignificant, but none the less important to me.


Joe Tornatore said...

things are looking up

Zelda Parker said...

Last night was just as beautiful. The stars were brighter and the sky bluer (is that a word?)that I've noticed in a long time. Guess that means I am looking up as well.