Friday, February 02, 2007

New Years Resolutions?

Yes we are at the beginning of February, however lets take stock of those darned resolutions.
I hardly made any cause 1. I was too sick to even think of any other than getting better, and 2. I hardly ever make any.
Why on the green earth do we resolve to do something that we haven't been able to do in the past? Because we are looking at fireworks, kissing our special someone or just a wee bit drunk? Or do we think about it for weeks and days Humm what shall I do different in the next year or years. Let's be honest we only do that for a couple of days/weeks at best!
With all of that said, I resolved to:
Be kinder, loose weight, be tollerant of others stupidities, and try to get my financial situation DONE before I retire.
How have I done in the month? Dont laugh, but I am kinder- I have to be or else no one would have helped me in the past month.! I would have had to get my own meals, done my own dressings and the list goes on! I lost weight with one surgical procedure 131/2 pounds to be exact, but haven't been on the scale since! I resolve to get weighed tomorrow and send a follow-up LOL. How in the world am I supposed to get my financial situation DONE before I retire on temp disability! What a joke!!, but am glad for it (did ya all know all states don't have temp disability? We are one the few. My daughter in Maryland has to pay every 2 weeks for hers if she is to get ill)-(there is one good thing about Jersey!)
Now to being tollerant of others stupidities-that has been easy so far, I haven't seen too many folks!
Now if ya have the ambition, let me know about your resolutions and how they are coming along.


PaxRomano said...

You know me and resolutions, they last a day or two until I come back into the office...

One moment with a pie-head or a certain co-worker who goes on and on about her many vacations and comp time, and I am off to the races!

I bow my head in shame.

Zelda Parker said...

You read aabout my resolutions in the Garden of Eden. I had kept only one until recently. I am again trying to excercise as it's too cold to walk outdoors.