Saturday, February 24, 2007

Arizona Gals

Which one of these "ole"gals could possibly be a mommanator? They are sweet Nurses, every one a baby boomer! They are all 60ish you know the new 40. Some are retired from nursing, but 2 of them still work in nursing. One is a Wharton Graduate and has a different kind of funeral business(a theme funeral of all things). One works for Bristol-Myers-Squibb.
They all still like to party.
Iwould put anyone of them against a new graduate from just about any school!


Pax Romano said...

Hmmm.... they all look like they have stories to tell.

That one, second from the left on the sofa, looks to be the real trouble maker. I think I saw her wanted poster at the Post Office.

Wasn't she one of those SLA memebers? Yeah, the folks that kidnapped Patty Hearst back in the early 70's?

Shoebee said...

Think I might be able to keep up with one of those "ole gals"?? Go on, put me up against one.

Joe Tornatore said...

here i thought it was for an audition for the Golden Girls, the play.

Zelda Parker said...

Bet their story lines are better than anything on t.v.

mommanator said...

pax-did you forget my nude bike ride across the states with Garcia?
Shoe-humm ya think so huh, i'll put ya up against the second from left pax referrs to.LOL
Joe-hey that wasnt nice, however true!
Zelda-is there anythingon tv?