Friday, June 20, 2008

Fla again

Well #2 daughter and three of the kiddos travelled by plane to our place in Florida.The airplane was a mess! they had us all sitting apart! A child of 5 doesn't sit by himself, let alone girls @ 8 years old. All of them were crying and the stewardess just looked and said," take your seats , maybe someone will change with you". That wasn't happening! Then their was this fellow with his 2 daughters one of which was prob 3 sitting apart. How crazy is this! The passengers, led by me finally got it all straightened out. And the lovely stewardess got the credit for simplifying all the mess! What a piece of work she is.
Then there was the mess getting the van. Whew I thought we'd never get that done!

We have been doing allot of swimming in the pool and getting a new sunburn! Twin #2 has swimmers ear and we had to make a late night visit to the pediatric medi stop. She was crying with the ear pain. At first we thought she had a spider in her ear. And being true nurses we irrigated it . No spider so we had to consult with a doc. Then a visit to the pharmacy @ 11 pm.
Today it is still hurting a little but is on the way to health.
I can't tell ya how many loads of clothes have been washed yet. My grands wear something for a second then put it in the dirty. No water conservation here! BUT I will put a stop to that post haste! I am the one doing the laundry!
Hubby is busy doing stuff outside and needs help! that means we go out and watch him! So we sit in the lounge chairs and drink iced tea and watch him. We can do that easily!
We are gonna go to the beach sometime today, but dau #2 is waiting for a phone call. Then of course a trip to Busch Gardens is in order, but I can't get up enough steam to even decide when! We are thinking when a friend comes in from Sweden, we will let him help out with the kiddos.
Vacation is a nice change of pace! Different air! HOT AND MUGGY, Different food , and different flowers to view.
They are calling to get outa here so LATER.


Craver Vii said...

So nice of y'all to be there for moral support. I wouldn't mind it if my wife and kids sat outside watching me while I did my yardwork. That just means that the iced tea or lemonade would come that much faster. :-)

Good job on that plane!

Kate said...

Well done on sorting out the plane mess! Sounds like quite an adventure, but one with a happy ending of sun and iced tea! Enjoy!!

Pax Romano said...

Oh god I would have loved to have been on that plane.

Of course five hours sitting next to a six year old autistic boy was enough for me!

Don't forget your sunblock!

Virginia Gal said...

Mommmantor, do NOT let that flight attendant take credit, you should write to the airline, did you get the flight attendant's name, and you still have your ticket (so you can list flight number etc), please write a letter to the airline.

These types of flight attendants are space cadets, they need to be called out!