Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busch Gardens/Adventure Island

While on vacation here in Florida, we decided to visit these two places. Disney is just too expensive! When you are talking 8 people just to get in! We could go to these two for one price for three days! Plus we got Florida resident tickets! Woohoo-that's the ticket!
On the first visit we went to just one side of Busch Gardens-we were all exhausted by the end of the day in 90 plus humid weather. I had the great pleasure of pushing my #1 daughters wheelchair most of the time! I call it exercise! and another nail in my coffin!
We, #2 daughter ,the kiddos, me and Cyrus rode wild water rides! The water was wonderful, most of the time. I actually got soaked. The new Jungala is great for the smaller kids-sorta like a ropes playground-my grand kids loved it! There was something for every age child there. My littlest one wasn't too happy that he couldn't ride some of the rides-they have height restrictions. He so wanted to ride one of those crazy roller coasters that turn you upside down. I was happy to take him to the carousel and feigned motion sickness so they would push my daughter for awhile.
We had good food there but of course costly! One thing we found out is that one can get water anytime at the concession booths. We had photos taken on the one ride and Cyrus had #1 dau & all the grand kids caricatures- you should see the set of boobs #1 dau has! We were happy the park closed @ 9pm!
Next we went to Adventure Island-had a swimmingly good time! We packed lunches so we wouldn't have to spend so much moola on food. Dau #1 tried to drowned in the lazy river, had 10 lifeguards try and get he out! Teehee- she can swim like a fish! They were afraid to let her go, mommanator wasn't with her, she had gone to drop off the wheelchair. When I returned to the lazy river and they found me I was shocked, they wouldn't let her go with her sister! They had also called my hubby, and somehow dropped the call. He was nervous wreck till we finally retrieved our phones from the locked cabinet and saw all the calls from him and called him back!
Just a little bit of excitement makes every trip fun! We left the park early as a terrible storm with thunder & lightening ensued. We could have waited it out but we were already sunburned despite sunblock! When the littlest one said I am ready to go home we listened and packed it in!
Then we went back to Busch Gardens today-on the agenda for sure was feeding the giraffes, for an extra charge of course. We stayed on the other side of the park we didn't get to the first day. Train ride around the whole place, more roller coaster. and then the big feed. My one granddaughter loves giraffes, so she was in the proverbial pig heaven! We got some great pics from there. I will try and do a photo montage one of these days I promise. The actual ride was closed half way through because of anther storm complete with lightening. They close the parks when the storm is in a 5 mile radius.
While dau#2 was getting a pic c/d and REFUND for part of the trip I took the kiddos to see the lions/tigers & mirecats! We also saw the biggest tortoise ya ever saw, and some really ugly BIG crocks!
We had a couple of real fun days even if cut short by storms.


Craver Vii said...

I'm glad D1 came out alright from the lazy river. Water is usually great fun, but every now and then it surprises people. Did the park people come across as "better safe, than sorry" or just plain paranoid?

Molly Malone said...

i LOVE amusement parks! that sounds like a lot of fun. i wanna feed giraffes. everyone keeps telling us we should check out busch gardens, but we haven't made it there, yet. now that i know there are giraffes to feed, i'm there!
glad your daughter #1 was okay. that sounds like scary mayhem!