Tuesday, June 24, 2008

9-1-1 How may I Help you?

I actually called 911 the other day, and you will never believe what for!
We were driving in good ole Florida on a pretty heavily travelled road when a car just swerved onto the shoulder of the road, with a guys foot dragging. Well he looked like he was jumping out of the car. We collectively yelled what do you think that is all about? Looked like he and the driver were having an argument and he was jumping out. We sighed and said owell glad I'm not in that car.
Then we continue to drive down said 4 lane highway to see someone driving across the four lanes in front of MUCH traffic! Only to find out it was the Nuts in the same car. He was walking across the highway with her driving in back of him. He then sees a bus and starts to run to catch it.
She then drives fast and heads toward the bus to prevent him from getting onto it. She almost broadsided the bus. I say enough of these two nuts they are gonna kill someone and I don't want it to be me or my grandchildren. They can play games but not with a highway loaded with traffic! I could care if they want to kill themselves, BUT not others!
So I called 911 and they dispatched the police.
We never saw them again, and I sure hope the cops got them and hauled them to jail or something like that!


Merci said...

GLORY! You were right to call. The highways and byways of the US can be scary places.

Miss you!

Molly Malone said...

HOLY CRAP! those people are bloody insane! good for you. damn, people. seriously, if you wanna take yourself out of the gene pool, go for it, just don't endanger others!