Monday, June 09, 2008

mondays morning moan

Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of desire.
Arab Proverb

Howdy folks. I have not posted for the past week or so because my darling hubby took the computers & tv's to Florida! He wanted to make sure all I had time for was to work on completing what has to be done in the house before we finally sell it. He was kind enough to leave me a bed and some food! O and I had a cd player. I listened to books on tape- Thank God for that or I would have been totally sensory deprived!

During the week I also became ill with sinusitis I guess- went to the doc and that's what he thought I have. On an added note my twin granddaughters have strep throats-could maybe be that!? Anyway who felt like cleaning and packing? Not me for sure but alas, I did it. I can't believe we accumulated so much more stuff since we had it empty last year! My hubby is a true collector! and where do ya say dust bunnies come from? I know they must hatch in NJ!
To add to this the inhaler the doc gave me keeps me awake! so no sleep! I would throw it out the window, BUT the wheeze is horrible and the cough is great too!
I also mowed the grass twice, ya know ya have to keep it looking nice for potential buyers. (did I mention our riding mower is beltless?so did it the hand mower type. We have almost an acre, but I only did a portion-too HOT here to mow)) I also took some flowers/ bushes that I had to have. Especially the butterfly bush which I bought as a remembrance of those I worked with. With some of the money they gave me on retirement. I also had to have my curly willow bush-almost as tall as I. I grew it from a mere branch taken from The Philadelphia Flower Show a couple years back. My friends laughed at me hauling it through the flower show, the marketplace and onto the train back to NJ. You see it was quite long. People looked at me and laughed out loud! I also moved some hosta to where I removed some plants to cover the holes left.

Then of course I had to take the packed boxes, by myself, to the trailer, to bring down to my #2 daughters house. Drove back to MD yesterday after church and unloaded the trailer!
O did I forget- I had to go pick out new flooring to be installed today-so the buyers would love the kitchen!
And so it goes- my mom used to say-"no rest for the weary!" Me weary- heck no just another day in the life of an old broad.


Kate said...

No computer and no tv?! That's cruel!! Sorry you've not been well. No fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon, and go easy!!!

Virginia Gal said...

oh my goodness, I totally empathize with hauling big stuff with no one around, make your hubby take you out to dinner when you get to Florida : )

mommanator said...

VA- he will but will he rub my back too!
Kate- since at my daughters I have been on the computer endlessly!

Molly Malone said...

he left you with a bed and some food. whew! at least you weren't totally camping out in your house!