Saturday, November 01, 2008

New Month

Here we are the first day of November- can it be!?
Didn't we just begin summer? Where does the time fly!
We turn the clocks back tonight or is tomorrow @2am.
Could never understand daylight savings time
always seems darker in the winter!

Seems like I just got home from work and it's already bedtime!
or should I go swimming with the hubby, and cough again tomorrow!
Nah it's off to bed for me, 4:30 am comes too early
and this ole gal needs all the beauty sleep she can get!

Clouds have been forming and a slight drizzle on the window,
so best get up, take poochie for a walk and get into jammies!
before it's too late and I will just have to get up and go back to work!

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