Sunday, January 14, 2007


well here I am trying to get back into this blog thing. seems like I have to have surgery to get with it, or at least have some time for it. Let me do a little year in review! So many things happened it almost is rediculous.
Since I am retiring in April 2007 we decided to sell our home in NJ. What a whirlwind, it sold in 30 days, whew. So we packed, had the movers move stuff to MD(our next stop till the last grandson is in school fulltime then to move further south. Jim went to Colo on his motor bike, the house sold so quickly I had to get him back home to get the house emptyied. So lock stock and barrel we were in MD, I moved with a great friend til I actually retired. What fun! THEN the day before settlement the realtor told us the buyer couldn't come up with the money! So back to square one. We have moved from the house, wintertime is coming, holidays etc(people dont usually (buy then), OMY I feel like I am in a bad movie. Soo as time passes we decide to not sell and continue to live in NJ till we die or God has something else for us. Dec 1 we move back to the homestead, however most of our stuff is in MD.
Dec 18th I have surgery, 2 weeks later I have to have repair of the surgical site as it has become necrotic in 2 areas. Humm 2 surgeries in 2weeks, thats good even for me! So we are now into 2007!

With all that said I look to retiremnet with great anticipation and a little angst! Money seems to be the biggest thing I fear but I am reminded that God will supply all my needs!

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you back and cultivating an attitude of altitude.