Thursday, January 25, 2007

Abducted by Aliens Again

I don't know what has happened to me but I must have been abducted by those darn aleins again, or something like that. Actually let me put the blaim where it is due! I lived with a friend a few months back who realy was abducted, cause she is a CLEAN freek!
I had this surgery you see,and I am not supposed to lift anything larger than 10 pounds and no cleaning or stuff like that. Well I can't get outa this cleaning thing!
O NO the mommanator! today I found myself washing baseboards! with bleach!!! Yesterday I took out all the trash to the street and it doesnt get collected till tomorrow, I washed the trash cans! I even picked up trash outside to put in the cans. and the list goes on and on!
PLEASE let those aleins come back and return the mommanator!


Anonymous said...

Well, well now, so the gloves finally come off. Think of it as spring cleaning, just early!

PaxRomano said...

Hey, that abduction began years ago on Route 666 in Cape May County.

Now that youre down to a size 2, does that mean that you'll be laying in a whole new wardrobe?

mommanator said...

Pax- off to the store new undergarments to show you when I return! Hey if you would go to work you could see this new GIRLISH figure I am trotting around with, even had coffee yesterday waiting for you, BUT you were at home waiting for whatshisname to return- cleaning the kitchen, bath tub and straightening up, a 6 course meal plan, a fire and wine-What can I say he has replaced me again! So when am I gonna see ya,before I retire?, guess I will have to visit when YOU are recuperating??

Zelda-comes from a diseased sick at home person with words to explore!

Joe Tornatore said...

got to love a cleaner. i once picked up a brand new bottle of detergent and before uisng it on anything else I washed the outside of the bottle becuase it had a smudge.