Wednesday, January 17, 2007

home again!

Well we came back home yesterday! whew long drive, then off to the brothers for dinner. Like I wanted to be out longer! But the food and company was good. They gave me a small glass of wine which I immediately tasted. OMG it was wonderful. When I asked what kind it was my brothers friend said it was the one you gave me, right over my head, I said, let me see what kind.. We both laughed heartily when he showed me, of course he was laughing at me and I was too! It was just what I needed for a mellowing after that ride from Maryland!
Then this morning found out a family from our Church had an accident and 2 lives were taken, the dad and the 8 year old daughter! I pray for the peace of Christ to overtake this family and thank God the 2 are with Him now!

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