Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kenny Day

Well yesterday was an interesting one. As you all know I have been out of commission for awhile now, missed the #1 grandsons birthday, so thought we would have a day for him.
He is presently studying the constitution, liberty bell etc in school, sooo living in Lovely South Jersey decided the first thing we would do was take across the river and see that darn liberty bell. He was so excited you would have thought he was opening a gallon of Hagen Das! We had to go through metal detectors, take off the coats etc, then back outside to get to see the bell inside?
Ya know there are lots of things to read while walking to see the bell, did we read any of them NO he was too excited to see the bell. Well we saw the bell and even touched it ( the lady said we arent really supposed to touch but since there were so few people there it would be ok). He touched it so lightly you would have thought he was gonna break it again! Then, ok whats next, no going back to read all the stuff about it. Then off to constitution plaza, to find out about going into Constitution Hall. Believe it or not, but no tickets needed for January or February since there are so few people then. What luck, but it was quite chilly walking around Phillie, all bundled up @ 30degrees with a wind chill of I dont know what. We had a Phillie pretzel & drinks, and off to Constitution Hall they went I stayed back as I was now getting a bit tired, plus granny had to go to the shop to buy a little liberty bell a book ,candy for the birthday boy.
Believe it or not we had great parking one block from the liberty bell on the street!
No sooner had we gotten back to the car and he says ok I am ready to go back home now! We realy had a fun time and he touched the Liberty Bell!
In the evening we continued with the K Day theme and took the 4 kids to see "Arthur and the Invisibles", another adventure- taking 4 kiddos the youngest almost 4 to the movies. We probably could have gone to see Pavarotti for what it cost to get in and junk food.
The movie was real cute and all enjoyed. When I got home I went to bed, HUMM I am a granny!


mommanator said...

I guess that is what grandkids are for. To keep grandparents busy.

PaxRomano said...

Ah the constitution center, my fave place!!!!

Evil Chicken said...

You’re not kidding! 1 Large popcorn & 2 sodas - $17.00, when the EC-5 + 1 caught “Night at the Museum.”

I’m smuggling in stuff from now on – mint jelly, leg of lamb, king crab legs; the usual.