Friday, January 26, 2007


Wintry glistening white stuff falling from the sky, only seen best thru a child's eye,
As old folk scream-'How am I gonna get that car cleaned off for work,
do I have to shovel that stuff,
they scraped the end of the driveway over,
should I call off from work,
do I have enough time?'

Children see flakes big and small,
a conundrum of color as it is prismed in light,
snowmen, forts, snowball fights,
mom & dad staying home to play with me ,all day and through the night
Hot chocolate, popcorn, snow angels, boots hats and fur-lined gloves galore,
Mommy take me out for some more

No dear she exclaims, my arthritis is hurting and my back is screaming
lets take a bath and explore a book or some music or
I'll start a fire, maybe we can toast marshmallows
and watch the birds we fed before,
I'll get a glass of wine and a cup of Hot Apple Cider for you,
and then we'll take a nap and dream of some more!

Then we can have snow cones as made in my youth
when the snow was over the roof and
I still had to drudge more than a mile,
just to go to a bus to get to school
to send me back as soon as there
cause the roads were too rough and we might slide in a rut,
with that OLD bus driver to get us back in an hour

with no-one at home,
we played in the snow, made snow angels, built forts & snow men,
had snow ball fights,
without our boots, hats and coats and fur-lined gloves and no one knew
cause when they returned we were completing our homework and had dinner on the stove
or praying for more of that
glistening white stuff falling from the sky.

That glistening white stuff falling from the sky. O MY
more of God's wonders right before my eye!
how did it become so white falling from our sky
of acid rain & factory dust from afar
that glistening white stuff falling from the sky!


Anonymous said...

My goodness, I need this perspective right now! It's been a tough day, Mommanator, but I WILL SURVIVE!!!

Anonymous said...

A poet, who knowed it? Thanks more that words can say.

PaxRomano said...

My god, you're a regular Edith Wharton! Who knew?!?!

Joe Tornatore said...

let the comments rip, baby.

Karl said...

The snow is indeed refreshing! If this is all we get for the remainder of the winter, I'll be happy!