Monday, January 15, 2007

little house on the prairie

Today is yet another one in the recovery of granny jax. Of course it involves some time spent at the grandkids home in Maryland. So far today I have finished knitting a hat(now the girls want one exactly like it but only smaller!) finished a scarf I have been trying to finish for awhile. We have cut everyones hair except mine since it is too short to even comb, hence the new hat! The kids and I have straightened up the living room. Have tried to do some homework with the kids. Have been watching "Dirty Jobs" forever.
All of a sudden the house got real quiet. Owhere owhere did everyone go? They all left me to make a doghouse for the new puppy. Everyone is hammering- the sound out there is a buzz. I tried to go out, but even with the new hat and a jacket felt cool so came in, was gonna take a nap but the computer called!.
Yes this is little house on the prairie- cutting our own hair, making dog houses and last but not least getting our feet stuck in the new puppy poopie!

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Anonymous said...

Ain't life grand!