Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend in Lancaster

Well this past weekend I was celebrating my 38th year of marriage to the same guy! Yes people sometimes get married and are true to their vows. We have had our ups & downs, Spats, crying, laughter- we have had it all, but somehow have always worked IT out!

We have gone to Lancaster for the past couple of years, in a real nice Hotel! Well this year me(ya know the one getting older every minute) and my computer couldn't remember the name of the Hotel (the Revere Inn). Soo I registered with A Days Inn- what a fiasco that turned out to be. Lets put it this way it was probably one of the worst places I have stayed in in my entire life!
Of course it was prepaid, with no refunds! I would have forfeited the money, but with me being out of work for so long, I honestly couldn't afford to do that! It was supposed to be handicapped assessable- much of it was , but the game room, & indoor Pool were not! and of course the mommanator has already made an ADA violation report on that. Then let me say a few things about the weather! It was beautiful falling rain, sleet, hail, snow, ice all the way there. In NJ we hardly got any snow but it accumulated a foot up there in Lancaster! The Days Inn staff didn't think it necessary to clean sidewalks or driveways. However a foot of snow doesn't stop the clan from having a good time shopping & eating! And so we did -laugh, swim, shop and eat!
Happy Anniversary to the Mommanator & her Mountain Man


Virginia Gal said...

Happy Anniversary!

mommanator said...

Ginny gal- thanks

Zelda Parker said...

Once again, congradulations!