Saturday, March 24, 2007

the Last hurrah

As some know I moved, but really didn't move last Aug/Sept then again in Dec.
Now this time I AM MOVING- as you also know Officeland I is moving to Officeland III-a glass building, however only some selected have the view from a window-not me of course-why give the old broad who is retiring a window!? Packing for the move has been something! The dust & dust mites might I say have been terrible! The smells that have evoked have been indescribable! The place too darn hot! Since we only have 1 window in the building that can open, we are left to opening doors of which there are some who scream when the doors are open-let em scream I say-they can put on their darn coats for all I care I cant breathe with my allergies, the smells and the heat- oops I complain too much!

The actual packing has been a mix of bitter sweat, as I am packing for the move and for retirement-have looked through things that have been my work for almost 20 years now at this office-thrown hard work just plain ole in the shredder- IS THAT ALL THERE IS?, IS THAT ALL THERE IS!

Some things even brought a tear or two to the mommanators eyes! BUT of course there were the tears of joy too remembering things associated with a memento or a gift or a card from a co-worker/friend. One I can specificaly remember is from a great friend who sent me this unbelievable "nurses" card along with a hand written poem-so special!

Then of course, there is the TRYING to get some actual work done in this mess, noise, heat and confusion! Yes they actually think we can work in this atmosphere! They took all the client files away, so we cant even look things up. That doesnt stop the phones from ringing or my wonderful co-workers giving me more things than I can get accomplished before I finally take that walk out the door to my next endeavor- as I close one door and open another to the next season of my life!
as I always say 'quityerbitchin at least yer in the race!' and of course my 'get over it already'.


Zelda Parker said...
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Zelda Parker said...

I am looking forward to the new office and a window, even if it looks over the parking lot. Who cares? Thanks for being the one to say snap out of it. Seems the stress has brought out the worst in some of us. Not you!

mommanator said...

thanks gal- i needed that at this moment-look to next post!