Friday, March 16, 2007

girls night out

This evening went with a few folks to Sandy Cove Maryland for a girls night out.
It involved a great meal of cod and/or chicken, vegetable mix, savory yellow rice,
salad with the most scrumptious raspberry dressing, bread and wonderful desserts.
I had a bit of oreo cookie pie and coconut custard pie! Was I full after that!

Then we saw a show: a couple sang a few tunes and then the main event was a ventriloquist-
she was unbelievable- I swear those dummies were talking and not her. She has done her thing all over the world- just returned from Japan. She did the funny part with her dummies-aka-peoploids then told an amazing story of her family. Mostly about her daughter who had a drug/alcohol problem and finally after many years went to a treatment program and it finally worked. She had us laughing one minute and crying the next!

The only thing which was a downer was the darn rain and driving in it. I have gone to this place another time and it rained then too!? Cant figure what that is all about-owell!


Virginia Gal said...

Mommantor, do you work with Pax Romano? He works in Officeland as well.

mommanator said...

Yeh, a bunch of us work together that I thnk you read-Zelda, Pax, Merci,Freudian Slips,Karl's Corner to name a few. We are more like brothers and sisters than coworkers. Pax left us though for Officeland II

Merci said...

Haven't been to SC in a very long time. I worked at the children's camps for many years when they were located in North East. I spent many days off at the Cove.

mommanator said...

Merci- you should go with us the next time they have a girls night out- get home before midnight