Saturday, March 03, 2007

March Maddness

This is gonna have a new meaning for me. As most of ya know I am retiring from wonderful state service the last day of april 2007! Well yesterday it struck me I have so much to do and so little time. I have to pack to go to the new building, yes I will leave some things behind-like state purchased books, files and the like.
I also have to pack the things I have to take home. I have to take said packed items home. Also, have to take the furniture thats mine home. Of course have to help the daughter and take her furniture/ wheelchairs home!
Along with bringing stuff back from Maryland to resume living in NJ-unpack that stuff!
The beginning of the week I happily found out I had more time to use than I thought-so have to get that time used up-see the smile on my face!
I also have an abundance of stuff left over from when I was on leave to get done, along with the stuff that has been given since I got back to work-OMY whats a gal to do? I will just have to pace myself! LOL
I think I should just ignore it and leave it to the next person, but if anyone knows me I cant do that!


Joe Tornatore said...

can we all sign your "golden parachutes" in indellible marker?

Pax Romano said...


Why bother? You have less than two months left...enjoy your short time in Officeland, pretend you are a supervisor!

When I get back on the 12th, I will have five days to catch up on everything, pack up, and then move to Officeland II.

Ugh! Thank god I have one more week to max and relax!

JoeinVegas said...

And how many sick days have you accumulated? My daughter (third grade teacher) has 52 on the books - finds it hard to leave her kids.

mommanator said...

JT of course you can sign I do need an autograph of a published writer!
Pax- relax now believe me! I am not so glad I returned to work! I should have listened to the big guy and stayed out til I do retire, but I would miss saying good bye in my own way!
Joein- I really dont have that many, but with the combined time I could prob take most of April off. I have been considering taking half days til I leave, afterall(as those in officeland know) the am's are the best around the Pax coffee machine good coffee/good conversation-oops no work! Also if I only work 1/2 days pax wont have to remember to give me my 2pm meds!

Virginia Gal said...

Wow - congrad's!!! That is so exciting!!

Now I hope you travel the world, do fun and exciting things - adventures, you deserve it!!