Sunday, March 25, 2007

Why do I have to be ME?

SO you ask, what's up with the mommanator? Who else should she be!?

I would like to throw caution to the wind!
I would like to get in my car and just drive off and start a new life.
I would like to tell people off!
I would like to Not care about anyone else or just plain anyone.
I would like to Not care about money. Get nails done, hair coiffed amazingly bad-punk rock style,I haven't been bleach blond yet!!
I would like to go out and buy my RED jag or convertible mini cooper, or baby blue Aston Martin.
I would like a single story home in PERFECT repair.
I would like to get a message by a tastefully gorgeous Swedish masseuse- male of course.
I would like to go to a spa (the Blue Lagoon was nice) and have everything offered and Not give a damn how much it costs.
I would like for no-one to want me to do something for them.
I would like someone to change, launder and iron my sheets, remake the bed, spritz with lavender and tuck me in tonight.
I would like to say something sometimes and people not say-how do you know that, are you sure, turn on their heal and either go look on the computer or ask someone else in my ear shod.
I would like Not to feel much of the time that something of doom is gonna happen.
I would like to believe some of what I hear, see, etc.
I would like to be whistled at or someone say who is that?
I would like to sleep in late, have someone saunter in with fresh brewed coffee & breakfast on a silver tray.
I would like to feel like I did in the Spring of 1969.

these are not necessarily in want order & the list could go on forever
these are but a few to mention and on the uppermost of my mind.
I can't be having a midlife crisis- I am well past that age.
Heaven knows even with hitting the lottery some things are not attainable,
But at least I do have LOVE.


Pax Romano said...

Oh honey, I'll spray your sheets with lavender and tuck you in nitey-nite, just say the word!

Joe Tornatore said...

Your not allowed to do that in Voorhees.

mommanator said...

Can ya do anything in Officeland II? Not from Pax's point of view!
Pax-name the date and time and I WILL be here!

Zelda Parker said...

There are those who listen without question. what's wrong with them?

pissed off patricia said...

My my that is some list. I understand and this morning, since it has sucked so far, I might like that driving off to no where too.

Virginia Gal said...

I LOVE this list! I would love to go to a spa and not worry about the price list and I too would love to tell people off.

mommanator said...

Well folks I was in some mood when I posted this, but guess my meds have kicked in again I am feeling much better.
Co-workers-ya know with all the moves etc, no-one has taken responsibility for giving me the meds LOL