Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm falling and not in Love

Well I've gone and done it this time. While doing a yard sale this week, I missed my footing and fell, gracefully of course,to a gravel driveway. I fell hand first and three of my fingers looked like the were going in the wrong direction. (and I didn't even go to Pax's party).

After inspecting the hand thoroughly, the hubby said nothing is broken, but did it hurt! The rest of the day was spent with a pack of frozen hot dogs on it, which did help with the swelling and pain. Sunday am my fingers looked like they had turned into sausages! Complete with a purplish hue. Thankfully it is my left hand, I'm right handed, but I never realised how much one uses the other hand while doing stuff! I am really doing the "seek and find" on the keyboard now!. My left hand is practically useless! Good week for the grandchildren to be here!

The kitten is good. The grand's love it. We have decided it's a boy not a girl Name is Angel, although car wash is still being wanted by the kids!

Found out how Merci found out it was Pakistan! She ran the Mouse over the pic and it showed the name of the place, And I thought she was soooo smart. She really is about computers teehee!


pissed off patricia said...

I was going to say you would have your hands full, but I guess I should say, hand full.

Take care and hopefully the soreness will be gone soon.

Joe Tornatore said...

missed you at Pax's. get well.