Monday, July 30, 2007

Maryland & Back to NJ in a Day

While driving back from Maryland on the infamous I95- while watching oncoming traffic- I wondered if I95 could be seen from the satellites as the Great Wall of China. It would be the Great Wall of I95. A moving oops- traffic jam all up & down the Eastern Seaboard! Also known as: too much traffic not enough real estate!.

How many varieties of cars there are! Black, blue, green, silver, red and all the colors in between.

Then there's sedans, SUV's, Humv's etc & etc.

There are the drivers which you see mostly from the shoulders up. Those on ear piece cell phones that look like they are talking to themselves, the smokers, the eaters, the coughers & wavers. and How about the honkers, no turn signalers, the car ragers and the ones the hubby says are : driving with their heads up their asses!.

Don't let me forget the motorcyclers and crotch rockets that drive in every lane and down the centers.

The ones who don't know where they are going- reading maps.

My all time favorite are the ones driving 70 or 75 MPH while reading their favorite books!


Zelda Parker said...

Sosunds like a fun time was had by all. Glad you're back safe and sound., OK maybe just safe, ha, ha.

Merci said...

Yikes! I95 gives me the heebie-jeebies!

Virginia Gal said...

God, 95 it sucks, no?! Especially when you get to the DC area. The only time to drive it, 3am. aye!