Thursday, July 05, 2007


Here is a critique of the past 2 movies I have seen in the past week:
I actually went and saw a movie about a RAT, in line I kept saying to myself I'm going to see a movie about a Rat? Actually we took the kids to see it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was fun, alot of action packed humor. It was a bit too long-I am judging this as a 4 year old wouldn't sit still for the last 15 minutes-, but don't know how it could have been cut down. The kids wanted to see it real bad and I'm glad we took them. All in all it was a good kid flick, the computer graphics unbelievable, you could see the strands of hair on the rats body.

"Fantastic Four- Rise of the Silver Slider"
Was predictable, but the action shots were good. I would have liked to see the Silver Surfer without the silver on, he had quite a body! Hubby and I had a good time. Went to our favorite theater which is much cheaper than others, you can actually buy popcorn and not feel like you have spent enough for a good meal.

So what have you seen lately?


Merci said...

I finally saw The DaVinci Code at home. I enjoyed it. Haven't been to the theater in a while. Might be a good idea for something to do this weekend. I could use an escape, and it's going to be HOT outside.

mommanator said...

I am so glad we have central ai, had it off during the week when it was so cool with no humidity, but it came back on yesterday!

Pax Romano said...

I can't wait to see that new movie coming out called, "Spider Nurse".

Oh, and of course, "Revenge of the Mommanator"!

Zelda Parker said...

How about Merci's new "Rooms"?
Seriously, try "Freedom Writers." Dare you not to cry?

Joe Tornatore said...

I can just see you and The Silver Surfer out painting the town...RED.