Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Be the Judge

My daughter and I have been having this discussion for years now. Something like, which way does the toilet paper roll go on the dispenser.
"Which way in the dishwasher do the knives, forks & spoons go". She maintains that they should all go up\; the bowls of the spoons, tines of the forks, & the blades of the knives. O did I mention in some things she is compulsive? Plus she learned this at summer camp when she was 16 or so.
I maintain that they should go down so as not to touch the ends that go in your mouth when used. Additionally, you won't cut your hand on the knife or prick with the tines.
She also maintains they be all like things together. I think this is a great idea, but maintain just as long as they get in there, I could give a fat rats ass. Actually, I really could care how they go in especially when dealing with 4 grandchildren. You should see the number of utensils that are used in a twenty-four hour period.
To sum it up- I really can't get all that excited about it. There is a dishwasher and it's name isn't mommanator!
Just an added note read on treehugger.com you shouldn't prewash your dishes by hand either to conserve energy=water, electricity etc. as most dishwashers today with the products we use will get much of the stuff off. If a problem is found then prewash heavily soiled objects- IE. cooked on stuff in the pots & pans.
And a quiz- where do you think the pic was taken?


Zelda Parker said...

Uh, Colorado? It sure isn't Md.
Dishwashing machines that need prewash defeat the purpose of using it in the first place.

Merci said...


I mix up the tableware - some up some down - to prevent "spooning" which can keep things from getting clean. I read it in Martha Stewart. It's a good thing.

Molly Malone said...

i think everything points down. at least everything sharp. prevents injury. so i go with the wisdom of the mommanator!

my guess for the pic: Montana.

mommanator said...

I will tell ya where the pick is after read by others, but one of you is correct!
Spooning! I thought that was something done with a honey!

Merci said...

That's one definition of spooning (the best one, if you ask me)!

pissed off patricia said...

Not a clue about the picture.

The handles should all be up, just for safety. I stopped using my dishwasher some time back because with only two people it takes forever to justify a running a load. I never put my pots and pans in the dishwasher or my flat ware, so that leaves only a couple of dishes and glasses for me to easily wash by hand.

TP should roll from the top....at least in this house it does.

Random Kath said...

In the Random condo, we put everything "tines up" that insure that gunk doesn't pool at the bottom of the handler and make the whole cleaning process moot. The sharp is not a problem - we are just careful when we take the handlers out. :-)

Virginia Gal said...

I'd say Colorado?? Where the pic was taken.

Shoebee said...

Why do you have to tell everyone about my OCD? Yes, tines must go up....no questions asked. Just think about it. Having tines up the water and soap has full access to the eating portion of the utensil. Having tines down and, oh the thought just grosses me out. When you take the silverware out of the basket (hence the reason why all like items go together,ie forks with forks, etc) one grabs the base of the silverware, just below the eating portin of the the utensil. Plus, one should wash their hands before putting clean dishes up out of the dishwasher. So mom, there are reasons WHY I must have similar items placed together in the basket. You just have to stop purposfully placing the silverware in wrong(yes, mommanator is a tad bit vindictive):)

The pic....my orignal thought was around Lake Tahoa. Now I am going to say Colorado near Estes Park or near where we went fishing up with no1bigdaddy and his b-i-l that one time about 25yrs ago

mommanator said...

well folks MErci was correct it is Pakistan- a friend of mine sent it after her trip there. I have many more, I guess I never realised it was so mountainous there! duh.
I will stil put the utensils in any ole way and if get yelled at for it will just just grin and bear it, the Damn things are wahsed!

mommanator said...

SOOO shobee when ya gonna write a blog?