Friday, July 20, 2007

Kittens Cats & things like that

Ok folks, believe it or not I am a grandma to a kitten now. The other eve my hubby came walking around the house with our dog on the leash and something in his hand. I couldn't tell what he had. Well lo and behold it was a yelping kitten. He found it in the backyard, not more than 3-4 weeks old. What could we do? leave it out there to get killed by the other animals that live out there? No, my daughter immediately fell in love and we now have something new to tend to!
We are feeding with a dropper at present and are going to get some kitty food later today.
I hope it does well and survives the grandchildren coming up next week! If it does survive I guess God intended it to be here! A couple of weeks ago our grandchildrens' cat ,daughter had before they were born, left the house and never returned! They were all heartbroken. So now granny has one despite her allergies.
I already have a sinus infection and suffering a great bout of Lyme Disease (on second round of antibiotics & headaches!) so whats a few allergies!
We haven't decided on a name yet but Angel is the current favorite. I like Mimi. Heard names from the grandchildren: carwash, fluffy, speedy & lexie.
I am starting to call my home a little zoo- a dog, 2 turtles and now a cat!


Merci said...

Good luck with the new family member. I suppose I would have taken it in, too, though my cat allergies can be really bad - rashes, nonstop sneezing and runny nose, red, itchy eyes.

OK, maybe I'd have to find it a good home.

pissed off patricia said...

Your vet can get you mother cat replacement milk. Send the little dude here, I'll care for it. :)

Fred the Cat might have something to say about that. I'll just tell him it needs some cat love and human attention.