Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursdays Thinking

The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into it sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and worried face.
Jim Bishop, New York Journal-American, March 14, 1959

Read others' blogs today, some of which were with the grandchildren, humm that isn't always easy! They want to read it, they want to scroll up/down. They want to give me ideas to write about, they even helped to recolor my site! Finally had to tell them to go do something else so I can think! I can chew gum and walk, but can't think, type and talk with kiddos at the same time!

Dau # 2 and I have been challenged to get all the laundry done! With 7 living here it is quite the challenge. Plus we are turning winter to summer and weeding out the too small. O where did the bathing suits go? Have they grown that much in one Year?

Another challenge is getting poison ivy out of the yard! This may be one of the hardest cause we are both quite allergic to it! I think we should hire someone!? but alas that costs too much. The yard is really starting to look nice, but the ivy is still bountiful, luckily in places we don't go into too much! We are in the process of using weed killer- hope it works! The tomatoes are planted along with some great flowers, and I think the peppers got in! The pumpkins will get in soon!

The kids want the pool up, it's now in the getting water in stage, The littlest one wants it READY NOW! He even wore his bathing suit all day yesterday just in case it was full. He forgets it needs the chemicals and of course to warm up a bit! He little teeth would chatter if he were to go in now! It is still a bit cool for me to indulge in the pool here! I guess Florida has spoiled me! When I was a kid I would be jumping in the water just like Dan by now with my mom yelling at me "It's too cold" "you'll catch your death in there", but never did! thankfully! Funny how things have come around in full circle-my mom didn't swim well so she indeed didn't want us to go in! therefore we were made to swim at a very early age. My dad threw us in to make us swim! Believe it or not I can remember him doing that! One of my favorite all time things is swimming!

When I get in the pool in Fla the old folks watch me do laps while they are with floaty's in the shallow end! OOPs I am one of those old folks aren't I!but I can swim! In the opaque mirror mentioned above is me looking older and seeing my mom, dad and grandparents in me! Did ya ever look in the mirror and say-'where did that young person leave and be substituted by my mom' ? My hubby was watching me sleep the other day and told me-" you look so much like your mom" I could have sworn it was her sleeping there!- I could look like worse I guess!

What is in the future for us!? and our children & grandchildren? I hope even if saddness comes it will be filled with fond memories of things we did together!
The future, according to some scientists, will be exactly like the past, only far more expensive.
John Sladek


Anonymous said...

I see both my parent's faces in my own, now. A little scary, but also interesting to think that my kids will see mine in their own someday.

I see you're struggling with the evil poison ivy, too. It's actually a nice looking plant, but wicked in its effects.

Merci said...

I think we've eradicated the PI near the house, but the person with the strong allergy to is the Ax Man, who is wandering my woods in search of next year's fuel.

Craver Vii said...

I like the use of those quotes on your blog. Nice touch!

Zelda Parker said...

Your story reminded me of my swim lesson. At the AC YMCA, they would thrown you in the deep end and have at it. They had to fish me out with a pole. The irony is that the reason I needed to learn is that I loved the water and spend much time fishing with my dad on his boat.

Molly Malone said...

what a nice thought to end on.

your new layout looks cool, btw. ... and your post reminded me, i need to get some laundry started. we just returned from vacation in Florida, ourselves!

Virginia Gal said...

I think that is so cute that the little grandchild wore the suit all day. Hugs from me!

Kate said...

You've been quiet. Hope everything's ok, and that you're just busy having fun!! (This isn't pressuring you to post, just letting you know I'm thinking about you)

I love the image of your grandson wearing his suit all day in anticipation. Oh, to be a child again!

mommanator said...

thanks all, now onto post a new one