Monday, May 21, 2007


Took time out this weekend to indulge myself just a little. Went to see the movie Fracture. Was a typical Anthony Hopkins great acting flick and Ryan Gosling was really believable. Unfortunately I got to the theater a couple of min's late, but don't think I missed the point of the whole flick. If I had come in a few min's later I would have missed much.
I figured out the plot prob 15-20 mins into the flick, and when I found out I was right, movie was kinda anticlimatic. Was an enjoyable outing, went shopping afterward! ALONE- I hardly do anything alone! Always have kids, my children or hubby along. Unless I go out with my buddies.
Although I like being alone sometimes, don't think I would want all the time! too much of a people person. Also think being alone gets me depressed-think/ reflect too much!


pissed off patricia said...

I learned the beauty of being alone when I was a little kid. I still enjoy it very much. I enjoy friends and my husband but I can also just enjoy peace and quiet.

Zelda Parker said...

Well hurry back to Joisey and we'll schedule a tea party, what do you say?

For me serenity and quiet helps me relax and be more creative.