Thursday, May 24, 2007

Green! and granny-bragging!

Ok folks, I purchased some plants with the green stuff I was given for retirement. Then of course had to exert some energy to plant it all and wound up cutting shrubery on one piece of the property to make my Iris/ Rose garden . Today however I purchased a butterfly bush, clematis in purple and pink, yellow coreoptus (sp?)( I called it Shannon), blue eyed grass which I call ( Melanie)I don't know why I named them, But did.
Of course, more bushes for the back garden a Blueberry and a grape- whew- we are gonna have more berries after awhile. I think the hubby has planted 15 or 20 berry bushes this season already- he has dreams of using the garden to get farmer rates on the taxes! One can dream can't they!
Now on to the bragging- went to the grand kidds award chapel
#1 grandson rec'd an award for playing the keyboard, an award for Art- creativity in fine arts. He didnt get a scholastic award but gets almost all A's on his report card- go figure
#1 grand daughter award for scholastic achievement
#2 grand daughter rec'd the same award for scholastic achievement
#2 grand son will get an award for being a pistol!
Now did I say they are chips off the ole block! (our side of course!)We are so proud of them- you should have seen their mom when their names were read- you could have driven a car into her dropped jaw!
I just pray this continues as they grow!

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