Monday, May 07, 2007


the day that was is, and the day that is was and so it goes into infinity.
I sit and reflect on my life and it all goes into a blurr.
what season of my life am I really at?
a crossroads of sorts, trying to develope a new and improved identidy
too old to start anew, but to young to just sit and watch time go by.
so here I sit rambling on trying to forget the dishes in the sink and the bills not paid.
use the wisdom you have acquired I say and do something prophetic, or be another Mother Teresa, but no I just sit here pondering what shall I do, what shall I be?
All you can be is you and no more or less so get up aff your ass and BE.


Zelda Parker said...

imagine you are an artist,
you are a work of art,
you are a clean canvas,
create what you will.

Pax Romano said...

You've become a regular Edith Wharton...ooops, did I say that already?

Virginia Gal said...

I think its interesting that this struggle of "what do I want to be?" is constant.

I think you should apply to be on the Amazing Race!

Joe Tornatore said...

dirty dishes mean you ate so it can't be all that bad. lol