Thursday, May 17, 2007

just a question

How many darn socks can a family of 5 acquire? I have spent this am folding socks-and I'm not done had to take a break!-can't she buy ones that are alike-forget the ones with stuff on em. ANd why do they all seem the same size- the ages vary from 35-8-6-6-4- and I swear only the 4 year old wears a different size- O the Joys of being a nanny granny! AND where are all the missing socks? must be in sock heaven! I'll share missed socks with anyone-wish people wore miss matched socks life would be so much easier!

On another note- a grandson with a hammer is a joy of another sort to behold! he wants to hammer the world and I have to keep him away from all the wood in this victorian style home!- the french doors, the wood railing upstairs and the wooden posts all over- to name a few!


pissed off patricia said...

Sounds like you have a sock "surge".

Okay, who gave the kid the hammer? First mistake. ;)

Fred the Cat asked me to tell you guys that he isn't for sale. There are times when I feel like giving him away. Happily those times are few and far between. He's really a sweet cat 99% of the time. It's that one percent that can make a sane person crazy.

Have a wonderful weekend and good luck with the socks :)

Joe Tornatore said...

darn socks, love the double entendre.