Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Well here I Sit thinking of Mothers Day. I have mixed feelings about it. You see my mom died several years ago and I am feeling lonely for her. She was a great inspiration for me. She moved to the US from England when she married my dad and only went back 2 times after that. I often think how different I would have been if I would have lived in England my whole life. Not as nutty I think! However my mom let me be me, so I probably would have been much the same. She made me be an individual and gave me the fortitude to overcome some hard things in my lifetime. Thanks mom.
Whenever I hear folks complain about their mom's I often say- I wish I had my mom here like you do, even if she is bothering you at this moment, just be thankful you have her to complain about. Since my dad is also gone I often feel like an orphan around these days of celebrating our parents. It is very hard. I guess so hard because they were both great role models.
I also say we didnt have much when I was growing up, but I never felt like I didnt have love! Actually unless someone tells me I realy didn't realise I didnt have "things" cause our home was always filled with love!
One of my desires in life is to be an example like my folks so my children and grandchildren will remember me like I remember my folks and grandparents!
Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


pissed off patricia said...

I won't go into a story about my mom, but I will always feel my grandmother was the mother I would have chosen had I been given the opportunity.

Pax Romano said...

Don't forget, Jax, you are the mother to more than your biological children.

Hope you had a fab mothers day!!!