Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ken & Dan

I've posted about my twin granddaughters, so nows the boys turn.
I never had a son, but always wanted one, in fact when my hubby and I were in childbearing age-we had quite a disagreement about whether we should have another child, he won ultimately,but I have found sons in so many other guys. I now have my grandchildren.
Dont' know why I wanted a son so badly?? just one of my quirks I suppose. He was gonna have red hair and freckles, blue eyes and be named James Christian-Jamie for short!

Well I got most of what I wanted in my first grandson- he is now 8 years old blondish red hair, with a splattering of freckles over his nose,and he has the prettiest sky blue eyes. I sometimes joke with him about it. He just says O Grandma! He is a very good student and really wants to please. He is too sensitive though, he can cry at the drop of a pin. Guess thats part of first child syndrome?? He is quite fascinating to watch play- he is so much like his dad-its scary sometimes! When watching him he reminds me of my brothers when they were younger. You can almost see his brain working while he is at play. He loves to build things. He can make something out of just about anything. Will explain all the moving parts etc. He has now gotten to the age where he wants to be alone some of the time. On his eighth birthday he posted a sign on his door-NO GIRLS ALLOWED! It is his domain. Sometimes he has a short fuse with his siblings, but when I remember back-isn't that what siblings do? It is so amazing what a grown up conversation you can have with this kid! He loves anything to do with the weather-always predicting whats gonna happen. He loves anything to do with nature-Volcanos, stratosphere,hurricaines,tornados, rocks. He once asked me "how hot is the sun?' I had to research it for him. He and grandpop will read National Geographic together from cover to cover!

The other grandson is altogether different! He is four. He had blondish hair and light brown/hazel eyes. He is a wild child-just like his mother at this age-she keeps thinking he has a problem and I keep telling her apples don't fall far from the tree. He can be so endearing and sweet one moment and be in total rebellion the next- In the bible it says spare the rod and spoil the child-this statement is for this child! This is one smart kid! The others are smart too, but I think this kid just uses all his brain, always testing ya. He gets into things the others wouldnt even try. He is the Baby and he just rules the roost! He is also very strong. Last week he was quite fascinated with a hammer and nail! He hammered everything in his site, I was glad he didnt use my car or tires! So I gave him nails and watched him hammer-what did it hurt!? Today they went to a petting zoo- I cant wait to hear the adventure. He is gonna build me a house one day and its gonna be painted blue- and he can say I LOVE YA in such a cute way ya just want to hug him to death, but I must remember I am the grown up and need to mold this child!
All my grandchildren are taller than most kids their age, sometimes this presents a problem as other kids think they should act older than their stated age, but they will adjust! It hasn't been that much of a problem yet.
I love my grandchildren so much. I hope they remember me like I remember my grandparents!

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pissed off patricia said...

And I'm betting those grandkids love you too.

Happy Mother's day weekend! :)