Thursday, May 08, 2008


May 8th is quite a day for our family- our #1 daughter was born. Yikes she is 38 today! How can that be? it seems like yesterday I was holding that tiny 4pound 5oz girl in my arms, with all the dreams and expectations one thinks of for their 1st child! My hubby could actually put his ring finger on her hand as a bracelet. Physically she did not turn out as we expected, you see she is physically disabled and uses a wheelchair or crutches, she has cerebral palsy. I don't cry about that anymore because what she lacks in physicality she has gained in spirit & personality. She is a sweet person and everyone likes her (I don't think its about them feeling sorry for her). She is genuine, trustworthy and giving beyond measure.
She graduated high school & an extended program for office occupations.
She is one that people can see Christ in. AND she KNOWS Christ!
She has been a missionary and been to other countries for that. She has been with a Christian organization called YWAM and graduated from their program.
She tried college and decided she wasn't able to do it to completion.
She was a secretary with the state of NJ for 10years-giving her all. But decided to move to Florida so quit that and is taking some time off from working till I get moved down here permanently and "kick her in the butt". (those of you who really know me understand that comment!- I AM the mommanator!)
Although not married and without children which she would very much like. She is the Godmother to- Carissa, Elizabeth, Danny, and Alexzandria. Needless to say that is almost a full time job if ya do it like her. She needs and relishes being a part of their lives.
She can remember things I truly don't! like when people died-dates/times! when someones birthday date/ time and almost weights& heights., addresses, phone numbers, even her bank account number(now who remembers that!? not me for sure!)
She hears everything! so talk lowly if ya don't want her to hear it!
She does stitchery/needle work.
"You can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!" her quote
Read Psalm 139- her favorite scripture
She likes to read Erma Bombeck.
She likes Stephan Curtis Chapman music
She collects! Beany Babies-bears only now, Teddy Bears of all shapes and sizes, coffee cups from states( she doesn't drink cooffee!). Porcelain dolls-which I have put a stop to! 'Precious Moments' Her collections are starting to take up more room than her LOL
She is but one of the Loves of my life and this is just a small tribute to her.

The person who refuses to love doesn't know the first thing about God, because God is love-so you can't know Him if you don't love. 1stJohn 4:8

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Molly Malone said...

happy birthday, first daughter! what a happy e-hug you gave her. :)