Saturday, May 10, 2008

this and that Saturday

It is Saturday almost 11 am and the temp is already at 90 degrees! Humidity is also high! It's HOT in Florida! Meanwhile I talked with hubby awhile ago and he reports it was 51 degrees in NJ-he even had to turn the heater on last night?
Hubby is really itching to get back to FLA, his joints feel better here.

Today, later I will be travelling with friend by car to ST Augustine,Fla- don't relish that drive, prob 3-4 hours away! Her sis travelled there- AND I'd like to know why she didn't come to the western side of the state? for a vaca. The gulf is much warmer than the ocean right now, but I guess we will spend time at the beach anyway.

We found a new place to eat yesterday- It's called Crisper's- really good food- you can take outside and view the gulf while eating or inside where the air conditioning is on- just guess what we did!

the dog got groomed this week- you should see him prance around with his little scarf around his neck! He looks like a woman parading her new hairdo!

The Fire ant bites are still driving me crazy! oops crazier! when o when will the itch stop. I have tried- bleach, alcohol(internal & external)TEEHEE, benadryl, Mellaleuca, baking soda paste, pain cream, aloe, hydro cortisone, calamine lotion, noxema, anti-Itch lotion(benadryl like cream), swimming in the chlorinated pool, the Hot tub, meditation & prayer! I may try fingernail polish today!The funniest thing someone told me was to try and not scratch! how absurd!

Bought a Jasmine bush yesterday and had the bright idea of planting today, but it's just too darn hot to plant today- I was supposed to get up earlier, but benedryl makes me sleep!

The post office is collecting for the food bank today- my street did pretty well almost every mailbox had some plastic bag with food attached to it. Guess they don't care about greening the earth- I just hope they recycle those plastic bags! Every mailbox got one in their mail this week!

So where are all the bloggers I usually hear from! No- one is blogging too much!
Have a great weekend one and all!

I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree.
Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,
I'll never see a tree at all.
Ogden Nash (1902 - 1971)


Joe Tornatore said...

i agree. blogging is down.

Virginia Gal said...

So funny that you write about not being able to get up in the morning for a task you had planned. I was the same way today..I tried, I really did but it just wasn't happening.

Molly Malone said...

finger nail polish? on ant bites? yowsers!

frankly, my dear, i'm of the school that internal alcohol is just what the doctor orders when you're itchy all over!

i do hope your bites heal soon!