Tuesday, May 27, 2008

holiday whats that!

Total absence of humor renders life impossible.
Colette, Chance Acquaintances, 1952French novelist (1873 - 1954)

haven't posted for awhile- been too darn busy! I have done more work since I have returned from Fla than I did the whole time in Fla- where's my puppy? I don't think I will complain about walking snickerdoodle for awhile! miss those smells-of Fla. Swimming & riding the bike! Yes I am glad to be retired FINALLY~!

came back to NJ and quickly started to pack things to put in the truck for another load to Fla. this is the end of moving to FLA except for dau #1 collections! then a short attempt to get things in order before returning to MD. not much luck in that regard! next week will have to drive back up there and seriously get the place in order since we have it back on the market and want it to sell! plus with the market we don't want to take a beating! which will prob happen anyhow! I can't believe we accumulated such a bunch of stuff since we had it all cleaned out just a year ago! does time ever flow!

then back to MD, twins 8th birthday, end of school, grandson#1 has Lyme disease again! pack grandson# 1 to take trip with Poppie to Fla, grandson #2 has grown so much and he is becoming quite the young man! gave dau #1 ring I ordered for her for Mother's day- oops-one of the stones not the right birth stone! 40 wacks for grannyjax! I sure thought I said the right stone- will have to look into that! she liked it nonetheless I think.

Dau #2 decided to wash all the clothes in the whole 6 bedroom house! plus change the linens- hang out to dry, fold and almost put away. Along with changing season for the clothes, putting school uniforms away.
it finally got warm here in MD- went from winter to summer since I have been here the past week! O did I forget taking out some bushes in the yard, and planting new flowers? I did have to clean my room here too! I don't remember leaving it that way!!!!

HOHUM not doing too much since back here! no time to crochet and get that thing done I have been doing, unless I want to crochet instead of sleep! I think I got up at 5am today- couldn't sleep, just thinking of all I have to do LOL since the kids were at their dad's, really haven't seen them too much, so they all had to bunk in my room! went to bed around 12! eek- and I couldn't sleep! we were like on a camping trip laughing & having the munchies just before I put the lights out! cookies, drinks and rice cakes! omy- what a bad grannjax! momma had to come in and say you 4 better get to sleep before I come in with the belt! yes she spoke to me too!

Enough of quiet time for me! the kids are now up- cake for snack before breakfast! am being bubbled to death by my #2 grandson which I bought a bubble gun for yesterday! Isn't it wonderful being a five yr old with a compliant granny! not yelling DON"T BUBBLE ME! NOT IN THE HOUSE! We already checked out the animals online, thank heaven for cartoons!

Well it's the start of a new day- let's see what it has in store for me-And you!


Kate said...

Sounds a bit crazy around there! But in a lovely family way. Love that you got threatened with the belt along with the kids - what a trouble-maker you are!

Craver Vii said...

You allowed bubbles INSIDE the house?? Well, that MORE than makes up for the birth stone mix-up! ;-)

Virginia Gal said...

bubble gun, at first I imagined silly string, hee hee.

Zelda Parker said...

Never a dull moment...miss ya.