Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm sad today but content

Last eve I was called by one of my Aunts to be told that my Great Aunt had passed. She was in her 90's , lived a good life, had 6 children and many grandchildren. She recently had gone blind and had had many falls. SOO the old adage- well now isn't suffering any longer comes to play.

But was she suffering!? she had quite the family! Her daughters,& son were ever present-taking her places and visiting every day, laughing, joking and making each other happy. Every Sunday all her children came to visit and she still would make biscuits & gravy or fried chicken & greens.

She had the most sweet personality a person could have! She was one of 13 or so, being one of the youngest and the last survivor of that tribe! She was my grannies baby sister. Everyday and night were a blessing to her and she didn't mind telling you so!

Although her life wasn't always rosy. She managed to pull the strength from the Lord to get herself through. Two of her sons predeceased her and she never quit saying that wasn't supposed to be- 'mom's should die before their children'!

I have been sitting & thinking of some of those wonderful times I spent with her and family and I will carry with me till I die. Thanks Aunt Alice for some of those wonderful childhood memories!


Kate said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt, mommanator. It sounds like she was a really special person who really enriched your life. You're in my thoughts....

Virginia Gal said...

May she be blessed in the hereafter and may her family be comforted with the thoughts of her laughter and smiles.

You and family are in my prayers.

Merci said...

Sorry for your loss, dear. Thinking of all of you.

mommanator said...

thanks all.